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Are you a Human Resource Outsourcing Company? To a degree. We develop individual programs to meet the needs of each customer.

Are you a PEO or Employee Leasing Company? No, we do not provide payroll services or employees through our company. However we will check references for the customer.

Why are you unique? We are a pro-management organization that works with small companies to help them achieve their goals. Secondly, we are devoted to the small company that is looking to grow but does not have the resources to have a complete HR department.

What happens if you miss something in an audit? On your follow up visit you will most likely catch the issues. If you however miss something then you are required to have professional liability insurance that will cover these issues.

What if a client does not follow my suggestions? You will document your suggestions and continue to work with the client to try to get them to change their ways. However you can only advise them. It is up to them to take a risk or not.

I am not a labor attorney. How do I deal with issues that a Labor attorney should handle? You will be able to consult with us by phone and we help you to make the decision as to whether you should be handling an issue. You will have a group of local support professionals that we will help you develop. These professionals will include a Labor Attorney, Accountant and Payroll service.

How does training work? You will receive one week of training at our corporate headquarters. You will also be able to speak with us via phone or email as needed. You will also attend local education events. We will be available 7 days a week.

What is the cost of Training? This is included in your franchise fee. However, you will have to pay for your own transportation, food and hotel accommodations.

What is the difference between a franchise and master franchise? A master franchisee usually owns a region, such as a state, in which they can establish multiple locations. These multiple locations may be owned by the master franchisee or sold to other individual franchisees.

What is the difference between owning multiple units and a master franchise? A multiple unit franchisee owns a number of single franchise units. They do not have the rights to sell individual franchises.

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