Programs for Business
Franchise Advantage
Franchising offers advantages over starting your own business by yourself.  One of the key advantages is support.  You will have access to our team of experts to you help you manage your business. 

When your business is successful, our business will be successful!

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As a franchise owner, you will receive our prescription for success through our years of experience.  Managing a business takes time and energy but you won't be alone.  We will be an extension of your team and will provide you with the necessary tools to help you succeed.  Though there is no guarantee for success, having the support of a franchise company can help reduce your risks of business ownership.

Here is a look at what you will receive as a franchise owner:

Training:  One week of intensive training with our professional Human Resource Trainers. Our Trainers have 45 years of combined human resource experience. During the week you will be trained in all aspects of the Human Resource business. You will also be trained on how to properly run your human resource business. Corporate will provide unlimited assistance and guidance on all cases.

Certificate/Designation: During the course of training, individuals will be tested on each component and after successfully responding will be certified by the company.

Employee Manual: Employee manuals are professionally created by Human Resource RX for each business. This is not a boiler plate handbook. You will interview each company completely. You will get information pertaining to policies, such as vacation and sick time, dress code, hours of operation, etc. This information will then be put into a comprehensive handbook.

Operations Manual: You will be given a complete Operations Manual which will outline all aspects of the HR function. It will include examples, “do’s and don’ts”, and a step by step procedure to demonstrate how various issues must be addressed.

Marketing Assistance: You will be provided with a comprehensive marketing plan. The plan will be tailored to your territory and style. We use a number of unique marketing tools that will enable you to gain clients fast and efficiently. 

Toll Free Access to Corporate Offices: Toll free access to Human Resources professionals to support your business and help you grow as a human resource professional. You will have access to Human Resource professionals that can give you direction as to how to handle human resource issues. We will be available 7 days a week.

Exclusive Territories: Territories are based on a formula of business in a region. These territories are exclusive to you once you pay your franchise fee. No other Human Resource RX will be allowed into your territory.

Administrative Support: We are here to help you buy ensuring that you can sell your business and not worry about the little details. We will help you to develop customer contracts, billing procedures, and customer service programs.

...and much more!

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